Sheri McGregor: Writing and Editing Services

I love taking the seed of an idea and nourishing it to a flourishing point. Let me help you develop your idea to the point of fruition. Sometimes that means taking your copy and offering ideas to shape it. Other times, you provide a topic, tell me your target audience and intent, and I do the writing.

Whether you’re an individual, have a business or service, or are a non-profit organization working for a worthy cause – – I can help.

Do you need:

  • a compelling advertorial?
  • a program or teaching tool re-focused for a different audience or age group?
  • a Safety Program, Employee Handbook, or Company Policy Manuel for your business?
  • a profile for your LinkedIn page?
  • a teaching tool?
  • a complex idea distilled into user-friendly text?

Let’s talk. Use the contact form below.

I am also a Life Coach. If you’re serious about your writing goals, I can help.




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