About Sheri

Hi, I’m Sheri McGregor. As a freelance writer and book author, I love spinning words to author sheri mcgregor life coach sheri mcgregorentertain and educate. Some of my publishing credits are summarized below. You can get a more complete listing, with some links on my publishing credits page.

My nonfiction includes books and articles. Topics include nature, the outdoors, business, psychology, health, and home topics – – as well as other interesting opportunities that come my way. You can find out about my three popular hiking guides here.

I’ve researched and written hundreds of articles, which have appeared in national and international publications including Reader’s Digest Publications, InfoWeek, The Washington Post, Salon.com, San Jose Magazine, Oracle Corporation’s Profit Magazine, the San Diego Union Tribune, Restaurant Management, Pizza Today Magazine, Chickens Magazine, and a host of other magazines and websites. I’ve also contributed to the supplemental middle grade textbook, Teens & Sex, with an article I researched on teen pregnancy.

My personal essays have appeared in popular anthologies including Adams Media’s Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Daughters, Simon & Schuster’s Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul (vol. 2), and the fun book for imperfect moms titled The Kid Turned Out Fine, as well as in publications including Christian Science Monitor, Select Magazine, Raven Chronicles, and a variety of parenting publications.

Other nonfiction includes contributions to the San Diego Natural Guide, assisting with companies’ communication and marketing needs, providing researched brochure content and informative copy for clinicians wishing to educate their clients, and for non-profits including Families for Depression Awareness.

My fiction has included short stories in OzBike, Woman This Month, and The Better Drink. Two romantic fiction books were published by Zebra/Kensington Publishing in 1999 and 2000, and a 2002 novella was released as part of the Romancing the Holidays Vol. 2 anthology by Elan Press.

My education includes earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2007, and a Masters Degree In Human Behavior in 2012. I have served on the Advisory Board for the College of Letters & Sciences at National University.

My latest books are Nature’s Healing Spirit: Real Life Stories to Nurture the Soul, and one in print, e-book, and audiobook for parents of estranged adult children:  Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children

I’ve recently begun research to help those who have been touched by the tragedy of a loved one’s suicide.

I also work on a limited basis as a life coach and writing coach. Find out more about life coaching with Sheri McGregor.

For a more complete listing of my publications, see the list of selected publications.

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35 thoughts on “About Sheri

  1. Diane

    Dear Sheri, this is Diane, aka TheBluesky. Yes, I was my pretty mushy self on the forum, wanting to let all that were in that space with me, for the time I was there, to know how much I embraced all of their history, however diverse, we WERE MOMS.

    As I read through your book (Done With The Crying), forced myself to do the exercises, I turned my soul a few times, but soon I saw, realized, that there was no option, if I were to maintain my physical and emotional health, I had to make a solid commitment to accept the soul journey I was designed to experience.

    And that of my so very much loved children.

    I saw, felt that with you in your book.

    Much love to you and your family.

    Always, Hippie Peace and Love,


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Diane,
    It’s nice to see you here rather than at the help and healing site–what a nice surprise. Thank you for your wonderful note! I wish you the best of everything, Diane. And if you ever want to talk, you know how to find me. You’re such a kind person. I know you will spread “blue skies” everywhere you go! — Sheri McGregor

  3. S.Small Proudfoot

    Dear Sheri,
    This is from Aussiemom/SandyP. Just want you to know that my entry into the Pacific International Quilt Festival being held Oct. 13/16 in Santa Clara, California, titled: ” Wall of Silence” was accepted into the juried exhibit. It will be shipped down into the US and California, where you live but thought you might like to know about this as it is based on the experiences of those parents rejected by their grown children and the estrangement we’ve experienced. From your site some time ago, the subject of the book, The Velveteen Rabbit came up and I used this as an analogy and inspiration for the lower portion of the quilt, with joyful rabbits playing amongst colourful flowers, the top portion of the quilt is heavy in colour, centred on the multiple faceless faces of those children who choose to estrange from parents and how, with a puppet below, they control the lives of parents/grandparents as though on a golden chain over which we, as parents, are helpless to control.
    Sincerely, Aussiemom

  4. Patricia W.

    Dear Sheri, I’ve just finished your book “Done With the Crying”. It was a great source of help and inspiration to me and have recommended it to other moms who are in the same situation. What a shame that this has become an epidemic. We have done our best to parent, love, educate and sacrifice for our children, only for them to reject us. In our situation, the wife and her family have done a great job of isolating our son since he was 12 years old, when we moved into the house next door to those people. He is now 34 and married to the daughter of this family, with 2 beautiful children, whom we cannot see. What a sad, complicated story, but my husband & I continue to pray and have hope. Thank you for writing such a compelling, helpful book. Our hopes and prayers are with you and all others suffering with this pain, and that one day there will be redemption.

  5. Robyn T.

    Hello Sheri
    I was wondering where I could purchase a copy of “Done with Crying” as I cannot get a copy delivered to Australia for legal reasons. Would you know who would sell it in Australia. thanks in advance for your help and guidance.

  6. sherry r.

    Dear sheri,
    Hi. I have read your book two times!! My shrink asked me to order two copies of it!!
    My youngest, is a daughter of 34 yrd. Old. I have another daughter of 37 1/2 yrs. Old and a son of 39. The older two may like me a little. They are part of my life. They were 4 1/2, 3 and seven months when their dad of 36 yrs old died of cancer. I never remarried and raised them on my own. When I needed help the little one chose her beautiful and his family over me. As a result, I was upset with her. She was married about 4 yrs. Ago. I was told a week later by her. She told me I was crazy, mental and very, very disturbed. She wants nothing to do with me. I have tried several times a year to beg for forgiveness and mercy taking blame for it all. I cannot get anywhere and boy have I cried, have self hatred, self guilt and no self esteem at all. I see a shrink. And am a strong christian woman. I attend bible study groups, attend church and pray a lot. Your book has shown me that I am suffering normal reactions.
    The estranged children have the power while we do not. They are the judge, jury, defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney. I think they enjoy see us suffering.
    Your book is wonderful and a strength of support and a great comfort.
    I never realized this is a growing epidemic!!

    Thanks for your wonderful book!!

  7. Lynn

    Hello Sheri,

    I live in Malaysia and I have searched online for your book and could not find it locally. My family is going through a hard time in more ways than one. We have been facing financial difficulty for a couple years. With the worsening economy in my country, it has been difficult on my parents to fund our education.

    My parents had been waiting for my brother’s graduation and prepared to celebrate his return. However, upon returning to Malaysia, my brother packed up and left without a word. Though I cannot say that it has been easy for me, it certainly has been much worse for my parents. They will feel an even greater emptiness when I leave to study overseas in less than a month’s time. I wanted to present your book as a gift to both my parents when I leave as my farewell gift to them to help with their healing.

    Is there any way that I can get a copy at a local store within a week without paying a large sum for shipping and taxes? I come from quite a humble family and financially, we’re not in the best state right now. Do let me know if there is a local store in Malaysia that may carry this book. I checked the local Barnes’ and Noble and could not find it. I asked the bookstore if I could order it but they stated it would be at least a week delivery.

    Thank you so much. 🙂

  8. admin Post author

    Hello Lynn,
    I’m sorry your family has undergone such pain! What a kind daughter you are to care for your parents’ happiness. They’re very fortunate to have you. My best suggestion would be to order it from Amazon and have it delivered–you can include a gift note with it. Or you could print a copy of the book and write a note and tell them it would be coming, and present that to them before you go. You could choose the most inexpensive shipping available. I believe there is a service that can help with it, too (Borderlinx … although I don’t know much about it, so can’t endorse). I wish there was a better answer that could help you get the book immediately in Malaysia. Sorry! Please take care, and let me know how it turns out.

    Thank you for writing, and again, you are a true blessing to your parents.
    Sheri McGregor

  9. admin Post author

    Dear Sherry,
    I’m so very sorry that you have had to endure the pain of estrangement.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my book, Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children. I am so very grateful that it is of help to you … and I’m always happy when people who have sough therapy shar it with their clinician. Thank you again for your kindness.

    I wish you the very best!

    Sheri McGregor

  10. admin Post author

    Oh, Patricia. I’m very sorry for your pain. Although not what I would call “common,” I have heard of other situations where a neighbor family or other family in close proximity has usurped the parents’ natural position. It seems to happen subtly at first, which makes it all that more insidious. Again, I’m really sorry.
    Thank you for your kind words about Done With The Crying. I am so grateful that the book is of help to other parents who know the pain of estrangement from adult children. I apologize for my tardiness in responding, too. Sometimes, the spam comments are overwhelming and it takes time to weed through them all. You mentioned hope, so I will just share my recent article on the subject: http://www.rejectedparents.net/estrangement-what-about-hope/
    It may not (or may) be of help to you, but perhaps others who read here will find it helpful.

    Thank you for your note, and please take care.

    Sheri McGregor

  11. Vibha R.

    Hi Sheri,
    It was interesting to read about your struggle when your son abandoned you- I am going through the same now. It is a difficult phase of our life and my husband and I are coming to terms at the situation. My husband is more composed than me and my peri-menopausal phase is not helping either. I am a very confident person and usually deal with my head but it’s different when it’s someone dear to you like your children. They think it’s emotional drama and so on—–. Reading your article has alerted my brain that this is not end of the world. But as a mother u do feel the pain especially if you have worked so hard all your life moving from one country to other so they get the best in their life. I guess I am writing on this blog to relieve myself but like many others like us I have started looking forward- just started Pilates and my tummy is over grown – so will go for tummy tuck to build my confidence and care for myself a bit more- now that I have more time. I will read ur definetly read ur books. Thanks & xx Rea

  12. Karen S.

    Hello I’m Karen from the Great Britain, I have just read a small piece of what you suffered with the estrangement, I felt I had to write to you for sharing your experiences I’m sat in tears reading it, as I too cry everyday, my son and I moved out of our home 4 years ago to escape my husband who after 17 years of marriage (a excellent marriage) he chose to take steroids and turned from a wonderful man into the devil, so cut a long story short we divorced. Me and my son got an apartment and was doing ok he was supportive, but now he is 18 and very nasty towards me, which I put up with, but my finances are terrible and it’s difficult working to pay bills so I have had to send him to live with his dad and new wife and baby, so now he takes everything out of me one minute then nice the next, and rarely visits me or texts me. I offer him to come for tea but ignores the messages. It’s so hurtful, I am going to buy you book “done with the crying”. I think it will help me. Thankyou so much I’m glad I found you.

  13. Angela S.

    Sheri, I read the article about the estrangement from your son and it was a great help to me. We have over the past few years become estranged from our lovely son. It brought it home to us and now we know that we weren’t the only ones….

    We unfortunately have also by default become estranged from our three grandsons – we believe down to the wife.

    My son has accused us of terrible things over the years. My two other children can’t believe it and wonder if he was brought up in another family!

    Thanks to you we feel a lot better about ourselves and will read your book. At last someone understands the feelings of failure as a parent.

    Thank you

  14. admin Post author

    I’m always sorry to hear of those who’ve gone through the pain of estrangement. I hope Done With The Crying is helpful to you–you might find some assistant at the website http://www.rejectedparents.net too. There is a support group, and more.

    Take care, Angela. Thank you for writing.
    Sheri McGregor

  15. admin Post author

    Hello Karen,
    I hope you will find Done With The Crying of help. You are among such a large crowd of parents suffering in estrangement. You’re not alone. Thank you for writing. If you haven’t yet, you may find the other site helpful, too: http://www.rejectedparents.net

    Sheri McGregor

  16. admin Post author

    Thank you for writing to me. In the book, there is a chapter that deals with other things that are sort of “time of life,” with menopause being one of them. I hope you will find some of the strategies helpful. A tummy tuck would scare me too much to do! Please do take good care of yourself, and give yourself time and rest to heal if you do that.

    You are right…estrangement is not the end of the world!

    Take good care.

    Sheri McGregor

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    Windows 10浮世噺、V3-571の再インストールでOffice 2007の困った?! サポート終了を知らず、従来はSP-3を実験用に保存してあったものを使用。 ログを活用してインシデント対策を行う「Log Analytics」 さて、ここまでは端末や情報の管理に重点を置いた機能をお話ししてきましたが、ここからは、人的要因で起きるインシデントの対策に触れていこうと思います。 windows 7 アップデート
    答えるために、 解答エリゕにコマンドのリストから適切なコマンドを移動して、 正し い順序でそれらを配置してください。 2.Project Online Project Onlineはクラウドをベースとします。
    windows 10 アップデート Indeo5のコーデックを64bitOSでも使えるように設定すれば良いようです。 Stanford 視聴回数 788 回 47:28 Gamification of Life: A Journey from SBU to Silicon Valley | Marc Anthony Rodriguez | TEDxSBU – 長さ: 16:43。
    windows8 1 ダウンロード

  25. bluhpkq

        走行距離 59.7km(サイコン読み)   Avg 25.1km/h                 10月の走行距離   59.7kmそして本日10日(月・体育の日)。 1944年 – 第二次世界大戦: ハンガリーがドイツに宣戦布告。 office2013 ソフト
    ※エクスプローラーを開き直す場合は(B)を参考にしてください。 同社は次の展開の要件があります:- Office ゕプリケーシ ョンはセルフサービスモデルを使用して、ローカルネットワーク上の場 所 か ら ゗ ンス ト ー ルす る 必 要 が あり ま す 。
    windows 10 ソフト  また,請求に伴う手数料については,インターネットバンキング,モバイルバンキング又はATMを利用することにより,電子納付を行うことができます。 「Microsoft Edge」と表記されている。
    office 2016 価格
     デスクトップパソコンのWindows 8.1 Pro x64でWindowsマーク削除を試みましたが、再度自動インストールされて発生?! いたちごっこになりそうなので諦めました。 まず誰かが誰かにファイルを手渡す場合に、相手のパソコンの環境によらずに相手も内容を見ることが可能だということ。 office2016 の プロダクト キー
    大阪国際空港(伊丹空港)から那覇空港と台北松山空港を経由して香港に向かっていた、中華航空(現:チャイナエアライン)825便シュド・アビアシオン社製(エアバス社の源流の1つ)SE210シュド・カラベル型機が、台湾島の西方約50kmに位置する台湾海峡上の澎湖諸島近海で空中爆発。 二度手間でも、その方が早いし、不具合が解決する可能性も高いですから。
    office2010 プロダクト キー 絶対Keynoteの方が使い勝手がよく、表現力も上です。 マイクロソフトがOSを開発しているのに、新タブレットや新PCを出す部分に関しては興味がある。
    windows10 ストア アプリ

  26. Sydayhuh

    ここまでの事前準備にも、結構手間が掛かりますね。  とはいっても,家電製品が主役のCES 2015というイベントにおいて,PCは脇役どころか存在感すらほとんどないのが正直なところ。 produkey office 2013
    ■ パソコン環境 ウィンドウズ : Microsoft Windows 7 サービスパック : なし システムの種類 : 32 ビット メモリー : 3.00 GB  プロセッサー :Intel Core i7 4790K。 Pass4TestのMicrosoftの70-412日本語受験料の試験問題と解答は当面の市場で最も徹底的な正確的な最新的な模擬テストです。
    office 2013 激安 2004年 – 日本プロサッカーリーグ(Jリーグ)、浦和レッドダイヤモンズが創立初のセカンドステージ優勝。 その不都合は過去の例から推測するとセキュリテーのトラブルに成るでしょう。
    office2016 プロダクト キー
    2コピーガードが解除されたら、出力プロファイルの窓口が出てきた。 使い心地はこれからですが、PC版のWindows10のメニューと統一されたのでわかりやすくなっていいですね。 windows10 ストア アプリ
    1日、愛知県名古屋市の交差点で、緊急走行中だったパトカーと普通乗用車が衝突する事故があった。 エラーが出る場合は、別のブラウザーでお試しください。
    win 7 インストール このアップデートの既知の問題マイクロソフトでは、現在この更新プログラムの問題を認識していません。  これは僅かな時間で落ちてきますから、所定の場所からダウンロードしたこのソフトをダブルクリックして走らせます。
    ms office 2013 personal

  27. Sydaydjw

    この手の「ズバリ言うわよ!」的な妄言が、一部で「よくぞ言ってくれた」と受け入られる可能性は高い。 今日は、ムービーに編集する写真の選択、選択した写真のサイズ調整(サイズダウン、トリミング、明るさ、コントラストなど)をoffice Picture Manager]を使って画像編集と、編集した写真のムービー用画像ホルダーを作成し保存などの前準備を行う。 office2010 ソフト
    そろそろ、リセット前の設定にしてみるかなー。 A. Windows 7 を実行するクラ゗ゕントコンピュータにある Office2007 、Office2010 、また はOffice2013 を使用して、ドキュメントを開いています。
    windows8 セットアップ どう違いがあるかは、これから使用していく中で実証かな。 デフォルトの表示は英語だが、各言語のiniファイルが用意されているので、それを利用すれば日本語の表示に切り替えられる。
    office2013 プロダクト キー
    しかし、エクセルからデータを流し込もうとすると接続ができない。 システムにパッチを当てない状態が長引くほど、脆弱性を突かれる危険は高まるといい、「タイムリーなパッチ適用は、ネットワークが攻撃にさらされる危険を最低限に抑えるために組織が取れる、低コストかつ最も効果的な対策の1つ」とUS-CERTは強調する。 ms office 2010 personal
    日本女子大学リカレント教育課程でとれる資格は? 100%取得可能…という訳ではありませんが、次の資格を目指すことができます。 D. SharePoint に接続し 、 サ゗トコレクション内のゕカウントのリストから読み取るために自転車便の SharePoint ユ ーザーの資格情報を使用します。
    office 2016 価格 あなたは要件を満たすために、コンピュータを構成する必要があります。 売るのわかってたのにタイヤも擦れていたので1週間前に交換した。
    microsoft excel 価格

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